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30 Days for Life Devotional [PDF format]

A Love for Life

by Dennis Di Mauro

Dennis DiMauro is a board member of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC), headed by Fr. Frank Pavone. The NPRC educates the public on the historic, Biblical Christian teaching on the sanctity of life. A Love for Life is the result of the NPRC's decision to update Christians about the historic and current positions of various denominations on abortion.

The following review comes from ChristianBookReviews.net:

The recent pronouncements of such political figures as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator (now Vice-President-Elect) Joseph Biden on theological matters concerning abortion have focused attention on the historic claims of the Church concerning whether the “termination of a pregnancy” is inherently sinful. One might wonder why those of the political elite would care about theological history but Pelosi and Biden, both Catholic, were at pains to defend themselves against charges of being “bad Catholics” in an election year. In view of suggestions by many Catholic bishops that supporting abortion rights was a communion-breaking offense, both attempted to present the history of Catholicism as much more nuanced on the issue.

Of course, no one has ever confused either with an expert on Church history. Indeed, their claims are totally absurd. But it is one thing to state their absurdity and another to demonstrate it. Dennis DiMauro has ably done the latter in A Love for Life as he examines the history of the Church regarding its view on the abortion issue. By the end of the book, he has convincingly demolished the claims of those whose wishful thinking would allow them to promote abortion as an issue where the Church has been historically divided.

Beginning with the most ancient sources, DiMauro mines both Scripture and Christian tradition to bring together all the elements of a view on life that challenged the “culture of death” existing in the pagan Roman Empire and triumphed over it. The author points out how the pro-life position was the consistent Christian view throughout the patristic, medieval, and Reformation periods among all Christian traditions and only weakened in recent times as some within the Church have forsaken the historic morality of Christendom for one more amenable to the newly emerging “culture of death” of our own times.

The author also points out that the division among Christians on this issue is much overplayed. Most of the “pro-choice” support is within the rapidly disappearing “mainline” churches of the West. It is elsewhere that Christendom is on the rise and there the pro-life position is dominant. Given the mainline churches retreat on a whole host of issues, it can be effectively argued that they merely represent the lapsed faith of dying churches.

It might be helpful if every pro-choice politician read A Love for Life before commenting on the “diversity of opinions” within Christianity on the abortion issue. It will probably not change their minds – their views are clearly formed without any Christian source – but it might give them pause before they make clearly insupportable claims. Whatever may be their reasons for supporting abortion, they cannot blame it on Christ.

Paperback: 178 pages

Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers (June 2008)

ISBN-10: 1556358288; ISBN-13: 978-1556358289

A Love for Life is available for purchase from Amazon.com. For more information, click on the following link: www.amazon.com/dp/1556358288

Holy Abortion?

Michael J. Gorman and Ann Loar Brooks

The National Pro-life Religious Council has commissioned a study on the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a group which says abortion and Christianity are compatible. The results of the study comprise a book called "Holy Abortion?" This book makes clear that what RCRC says is quite different from the position that its member groups take individually -- and quite different from what Christianity itself has always said. Click here to read excerpts from the book. To read the full text, click here. Below you may listen to the audio book in MP3 format:

Holy Abortion: Forward

Holy Abortion: Chapter 1

Holy Abortion: Chapter 2 - [Part 1] -- [Part 2]

Holy Abortion: Chapter 3

Holy Abortion: Chapter 4

Holy Abortion: Chapter 5

Holy Abortion: Afterward

Thinking Theologically about Abortion

Edited by Paul T. Stallsworth

In 1998, the National Pro-life Religious Council held an ecumenical conference for pastors on the topic "Building a Ministry for Life." This book contains the texts of four of the presentations made that day.
Order on Amazon.com

The Right Choice

Edited by Paul T. Stallsworth

This collection of sermons and talks brings together an outstanding array of advocates for the pro-life position from many denominations. It will help pastors who want to preach about abortion bur don't know how to begin. The editor and a number of the contributors belong to the National Pro-life Religious Council. 
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